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Krivokrasov Memorial Taunt List

  • Krivo is to goal scoring what Ted Baxter was to "The Mary Tyler Moore Show."
  • Hey Krivo! How's the Mrs?
  • When asked how her husband was, Mrs. Krivokrasov said "Beats me."
  • Sergei Krivokraso: The misogynist former communist.
  • When asked about his wife, Krivo was heard to use the quaint colloquialsim: "I couldn't beat her with a stick.”
  • Krivo, I hear your wife gave you a mood ring for Valentines Day. When you’re in a good mood it turns green. When you’re in a bad mood, it leaves a red mark on her forehead.
  • Hey, Krivo, you make your wife bob and weave-o.
  • Hey, Krivo, you make me want to heave-o.
  • Hey, Krivo, you’re my pet peeve-o.
  • Hey, Krivo, make like a tree and leave-o.
  • Hey, Krivo, got a runny nose? Try some Alieve-o.
  • Are we not men? No, we are Krivo!
  • Hey, Krivo, how many times do we have to flush before you go away?
  • Hey, Krivo, I guess you and the Wild are together for better or worse…they couldn’t do better, and they couldn’t do worse!

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