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Thursday, December 27, 2007

12/22 - Preds v. LA Queens

by pred303guy
(courtesy of the Nashville Predators message boards)

typical of why this can be such a maddening game, we play a worse game than we have in 6 of our last 7 losses. and we win. was nice to remember how a win felt honestly, i was sort of beginning to forget.

just a few bullet thoughts:

...arnott could have had about a 6 goal game very easily. that many great chances.

...tootoo was a force out there. have to be proud for the guy.

...our defensemen with a decent game helping to clear rebounds and out on the perimeter. one of the few games this year though where team's have been able to control the puck against us down low for so long. and why we gave up so many shots.

...legwand with a bad game. it was his man that snuck open (visnovsky) down the slot on their first goal, and then the osullivan steal off his stick on the pp. a nice pass to arnott for the hattrick goal though.

...the radulov-legwand-fiddler line was once again largely invisible. it's simply not working for these three.

...special teams, where we've lost so many games this year, won this one tonight.

...the powerplay, for the second game in a row, looked, well like a powerplay.

...we took entirely too many penalties. of course it was mcgeough out there, so you knew it was going to be a penalty filled contest before the puck was dropped. you can simply count on it when he's reffing.

....our penalty kill, flat out won us this game. this was when ellis was at his best as well.

...the pk, now up to 10th with a 84.4%. this is the type of pk play we knew we should have, and needed to have so badly.

...good thing special team play was good, because in general even strength, we're struggling so badly.

...score first, we're 12-2-1. don't score first, 3-14-1.

...score at least 3 goals and we're 15-3-0. score 2 or less and we're 0-13-2.

...so it's simple how to make this team really good (cough). we need to score first and score at least three every night. i think i'll call trotz and tell him.

easy to read too much into this win of course against a beat up team that is also probably the worst team in the league and horrible on the road on top of that. but that doesn't change the fact, this was a game we simply had to win, and we won. if you're going to turn this ship around, it has to start somewhere.

just a few more random observations before it all gets lost in this afternoon's game:

...tootoo could indead have had a goal and three assists last night easily. two really nice feeds to arnott in the slot and that slapper that went off the goal and just outside the post.

...arnott you have to credit him with great offensive awareness, he finds an opening in the slot or just off the weakside low and gets a high percentage shot it seems like three-four times every single game. this is simple offensive awareness, you cann't coach that.

...it's very conceivable that arnott should be shooting 20% plus, because not only does he get shots in close, time after time he gets very high percentage chances. personally i think he could have 25 goals right now very easily. and probably should have.

...tootoo with an absolutely perfect pass to feed arnott for that re-direct first goal. that one worked exactly right for us, with tootoo being a righty and not overly agile with the puck, if arnott is more even with him instead of out front, tootoo cann't make that pass.

..speaking of handedness. the 4th goal by arnott, was a perfect example of why when you run a pp off the right halfboard, that a right handed player playing the slot works better than another lefty right there. allowed arnott to drift low and get that shot, when a lefty wouldn't have been able to.

...ellis played just well enough to win. sometimes we all get too caught up in goalie stats. save % and gaa are nice to look at and all but overrated honestly. the best goalies simply never allow that big goal to put you behind. guys like roy and grant fuhr were great goalies, who always allowed quite a few goals... they would give up goals when they were leading 3-2, or 4-2, but they would hardly ever allow that really big goal to allow you to fall behind when it really counted. big saves at big times = good goalies, much more so than gaa and save %. of course, you have to have enough offense to support that type goalie as well.

...ellis gives up rebounds. last night he gave up two bad ones on shots from an angle that went straight to the weak side. what i do like though is he pounces on lose pucks in ir near the crease well.

...on the 3rd LA goal, the 'rebound' straight to o'sullivan on the weak side. at first i simply thought it was a horrible rebound off the point shot from modry. and that blake and suter were simply battling in front slightly off to the side. when the official score came, it credited blake with "tipping the puck wide" though. after watching the replay, still unsure of exactly what caused the puck to rebound so sharply back to the open o'sullivan (not a very clear angle). there's a chance that it actually deflected off suter's skate and back out hard. of course it is possible it defelcted off blake, or that ellis simply kicked out a horrible rebound still. personally i think it hit suter's skate, which takes the blame totally off ellis if it did.

...31 for our last 32 on the pk these last 7 games. 4 for 11 on the pp these last two (and got robbed out of another). a good thing, since we've been outscored 16-4 these last 6 games 5 on 5.

Posted by Section 303 at 8:24 AM

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