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Thursday, December 27, 2007

12/23 - Preds @ Flap Jacks

by pred303guy
(courtesy of the Nashville Predators message boards)

a couple of offensively challenged teams out there tonight, but a good road win for us nevertheless. all road wins are good wins come to think of it. a pretty shaky start for us tonight. you normally see a team on the second night of a back to back start off strong, and often fade. takes some mental toughness to turn it on like that later in the game.

a few random thoughts:

...one scoring chance in the first. only 4 shots. we almost took ourselves right out of the game with those 3 penalties in the first. and then we come back and take another early in the second. looked bleak when at about the 5 minute mark of the second we'd been outshot 17-6 didn't it?

...another stellar performance by the pk. no pp goals allowed in 7 of the past 8 games nor in 11 of the last 13. 35 of the last 36 kills now.

...another pp goal. four games in a row now. 6 for our last 20. light at the end of the tunnel maybe.

...horrible rebound by norrena to legwand. but caused by bonk being right there in front and a good low hard shot by koistinen.

...bad goal by mason of course, never got the stick all the way down to take away the wraparound. mase caught between going out to play the puck or letting us get back to take the icing and put the puck back deep in their zone. suter simply got outskated though.

...fine game by mase, kept us in the game the first 30 minutes. exactly what we needed to see from him honestly.

...tootoo with 15 even strength minutes, has to be a alltime high for him. pretty solid game from toots, remember he's the one that got dumont the puck.

...good job by us containing nash overall. got a nice try against us on the pk once, but that was his closest call.

...what a way to end a game. hard to imagine how heartbroken and confused the BJ's fans were at the game.. *snicker*

...what a beauty of a shot by dumont for sure

...devries with over 20 minutes of even strength time, and 24 overall. tried to get him out there aginst nash's line. did a fine job too. this s the idea behind having a big stay at home guy, against these really big forwards.

a winning streak, a honest to goodness winning streak. always good to win on the road. always good to beat the BJ's. a fine Christmas present from the team for me.

Posted by Section 303 at 8:28 AM

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