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Thursday, December 27, 2007

12/26 - Preds @ Black Holes

by pred303guy
(courtesy of the Nashville Predators message boards)

i want to believe in this team... but man, it's hard to do so most of the time.

the truth of the matter is, is we're simply not as good as we need to be in any aspect of the game except on the penalty kill. everything else... offense, defense, goaltending, strength, size, speed, the powerplay, puckhandling, passing, overall skill, top line players... and we are below average to average at best.

some will argue this team is "more talented" than the 03-04 team that snuck into the playoffs on the last day. i don't buy that, not one bit. not at this point. that 03-04 team had two players in their primes and healthy at the time, sullivan and walker, that were each better than any player we have right now.. that team also had more depth of scoring than this team as well, with guys like orszagh, hartnell, legwand, johnson and hall all rotating thru the third line at different times. sure overall scoring was a little lower than this team will be, but that was in an era where scoring was lower leaguewide.. the pp back then could carry us offensively, it cann't now... that team could win close low scoring games, this one cann't. that team had a defense built more effectively than this group in the way the game was played at the time. that 03-04 team also of course had a vokoun at his peak, a guy who singlehandedly could and did win games.. this team isn't as good a team as that team.

Posted by Section 303 at 8:33 AM

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