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Friday, December 28, 2007

12/27 - Preds v. Flap Jacks

by pred303guy
(courtesy of the Nashville Predators message boards)

an exciting game for sure... we might not always play well (and we certainly don't), but this team has no quit in them and they always play hard. hard not to like that about this little bunch. a lesser bunch might have folded the tent after falling behind with 5 minutes to go. i know i felt like doing it. a few random bullet observations;

...re-sign tootoo this week. love him or hate him, the guy is walking excitement on what otherwise is a fairly nondescript roster. what a huge goal that one was.

...the tootoo hit on foote early basically set the stage for us to lead this game for most of the night. he got lucky in the third on what might have been a late hit, but another fine game by tootoo.

...koistinen. easy to say a guy played well even if he didn't, when he scores the winning goal. but koistinen had a really good game all around. the 3 point, +3 shows that pretty well.

...would have been easy for him to have been the goat in this one though. it was his defensive gaff that allowed boll to break in all alone on mason in the third right after the tieing toots goal. shows how easy it is to be either the goat or hero every game.

...legwand deflected the radulov goal in. thought so in person, and then watched it on replay and still think so. second time this year i remember legwand should have been credited with a deflection and wasn't.

...legwand with a tremendous play to set up the game winner. great patience. great pass.

...mase with a strange game. lots of fine saves. two bad rebound goals allowed and the painful slow motion rolling puck one. but give him credit, he was good enough to win on a night where it would have been easy to not be.

...zidlicky with a great pass to arnott on the 5 on 3 and another fine feed to tootoo for the tieing goal. love him or hate him, he does have good ice vision out there on the point.

...notice erat limped off at about the 5 minute mark again. that was why bonk was out there with legwand and radulov on the game winner.

...we of course didn't really play that well. a decimated jacket team, that stinks offensively even with everybody playing. and they get 39 shots against us. of course 12 of those shots came on all those pp's we kept giving them in the second. but, we won, and that's what's important.

...really funny to see us own these guys so completely. man i hate this team.

...rimmer and gare. watched their replay when i got home. easily the two worse announcers in sports right now. have never heard such blatant whining and crying about everything as last night, even from them. the rimmer statement "they must be slow to get new technology down here" when talking about the refs being on the phone and not a headset, almost made me go back down to the arena to find him and beat the snot out of him.

...for all you transplanted northern people down here now, it's this type of subtle (or not so subtle) predjudice that drives southerners mad. the idea that somehow the south is less intelligent and backward compared to the north that is so prevelant that you see perpetuated in the media and among many in the north. can't do it to anyone else, but it's ok to "make fun" of southerners still in our otherwise politically correct society. southerners have had to put up with this crap for 150 years, and living here and having it insinuated about you, you can begin to see why we resent it so much i'm sure.

screw columbus. screw rimmer and gare. i hope we beat their frigging heads in for 10 more years.

Posted by Section 303 at 8:07 AM

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