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Friday, January 04, 2008

1/3 - Preds v. $100/barrell Oilers

by pred303guy
(courtesy of the Nashville Predators message boards)

hockey is a mighty simple game, when you get good goaltending, and get great special team play. of course, the skeptic might argue that edmonton is simply that bad of a hockey team, and it'd be hard to argue against that, rarely have i seen an edmonton team look that weak. but that doesn't change the fact one iota that we went out and played a mighty solid all around game, in a game we really needed to win. a few brief notes, from a guy that is mighty sick with the flu;

...radulov. the kid is heating up. you know he's an awfully streaky type player, and can carry the team when he's hot. he's hot right now, we need him to stay that way for about two months.

...arnott. great steal from grebeshkov on the 2nd rads goal. if that had been our defenseman that got caught with his head down we'd be crucifying him this morning instead of saying arnott made a grreat play.

...who were those guys in our sweaters on our powerplays? whoever they were, let's don't tell anyone. we got as many shots as edmonton did on our pp as when they were on their pp (7 each). and we did it in only 3:33 of pp time, while they had 13:16. our pp basically dominated the game, despite us only having 3 attempts.

...defensively, we played a pretty solid game. the two goals allowed were sort of flukish to be honest. the 2nd one a result of our pk getting a little cute (suter) trying to poke the puck out to legwand instead of hammering it out.

...ellis with another solid game. the stortini goal he got caught trying to reach and pokecheck the puck away, where he was in good position before. that's what happens when a goalie tries a pokecheck and misses, he's always caught down low in the net after a miss and is an easy target.

...on the penalty shot, ellis with a very different type of stop than you normally see. as brodziak skates in and dekes forehand to backhand and go around ellis, ellis puts the paddle down square at his feet and basically trips brodziak away from the puck which rolls ahead off his stick cause he cann't keep skating forward. a heady, if very unusual stop.

...trotz seemed in a sour mood in postgame. basically i think he was attempting to keep players from getting big headed, after what was generally a very solid effort on our part. legwand with tootoo and gelinas isn't going to produce many great offensive chances honestly. suter had the little giveaway on the pp goal allowed, thought this was primarily what trotz was reffering to.

...erat with "back spasms". what that was from i don't know. we cann't afford to not have erat for any length of time. he simply has become so proficient at controlling the puck down deep in that behind the net set. we have to have someone in the slot with him out there that can finish.

..funny hearing hordy say he planned on having 20 fights. did ok against stortini. the old jump in and get in a few punches before he can react strategy paid off. also funny to hear him say he had to get trotz to give him the head nod to go.

...koistinen again with a good game on the pp point. don't have any idea who you sit when weber comes back, but i don't see how it can be koistinen right now. for what it's worth zanon with 4 giveaways last night.

...hamhuis with one great shift, a diving breakup of a 2 on 1, followed immediately by a big hipcheck along the boards.

....zidlicky with that one great play where he walks around a defender and walks straight in on garon, and you're yelling "shoot, shooot!!! you have to take that shot!!" and then he proceeds to make an impossible pass over to arnott for the tap in -- and you say, well, heh heh, great play zids and sit back down shaking your head..

great fun at the old arena last night. lots of good people to watch the game with, really enjoyed it all despite being sick as a dog.

Posted by Section 303 at 8:33 AM

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