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Sunday, February 03, 2008

2/3 - Preds v. Wild Dingos

by pred303guy
(courtesy of the Nashville Predators message boards)

wow.. that was close..

what an exciting, extremely hardfought game that one was. a game where when you walked out of it, you felt dog-tired, or at least i did. a game where you could never relax, where you felt as if we were hanging on by our fingernails from the minute where they scored their first goal early there midway thru the second and of course that is exactly what we were doing. kept glancing up at the time clock the rest of the night, thinking ok 20... 12... 8... 5 minutes to go, can we hold them off? felt like forever whenever you looked up.

a few morning after random thoughts:

...ellis, this kid has simply been consistently good. you just have confidence now that whenever he started he'll give you a chance to win. another solid game. in fact a very good game.

...what a play hamhuis made swatting that puck out of the air after it bounced off ellis' glove. huge play.

...shame to see dumont's strak end. he could have had 3 or 4 assists, and a goal himself very easily.

...great to see erat-legwand step up with arnott out. that's what we had to have.

...erat with a fine game. in fact that line with a fine game. some nights you want to scream at him to pass the puck when he's skating around and not giving it up. then he makes a couple of plays like last night and you say, "uhh, ok nevermind". some nights that works, other it doesn't. it did last night.

...what a great screen peverley had on erat's goal. bryz was caught peeking back to his right around him, which in turn left that little crack shortside just as the puck got there.

...what an amazing between the legs, perfectly placed inside the upper corner defelction on the legwand goal.

...both those goals were basically perfect plays by us... they had to be, because you had the feeling it was going to take perfect plays and luck to beat bryzgalov - and it did, all three goals.

...thank goodness we won in OT and didn't have to go to a shootout. i just knew we would lose if that had happened.

...always a special atmosphere when you have a sellout in the place. can feel the enregy and hear the buzz constantly.

...rads was a special player out there last night. generated some mighty good chances out of nothing several times. mighty dangeros when he takes the puck off the right halfboard into the slot, because he seems to be able to generate a shot out of nowhere when he's going back to his left. he's so herky-jerky that he surprises defenders when he shoots the puck, you just cann't read when he's ready to shoot.

...funny, 6 good shots before the game winner. and he scores by one bouncing off his shoulder without him getting a stick on it.

this is a bunch of guys you simply ought to love as a team. if the truth be known and recognized, we're a slightly undermanned group out there, with obvious shortcomings. and yet, we're a good team. we're a good team because we play hard, people each have recognized and bought into their roles, and these guys obviously believe they're better than they probably really are.

i almost feel sorry for those unhappy with this team, because if you spend all your time worrying about "yeah but what will we do in the playoffs?" and worrying how badly we need another top line winger and a million other things, well you're missing some mighty good hockey moments.

funny how when you recognize what a dogfight you're in to even make the playoffs how much more enjoyable it makes every single win. every game feels so critical. probably because it is. fcm said it the other day, we basically have playoffs for the remaining 29 games. a person needs to recognize that and savor every little twist and turn. this is a team that a guy can be proud of being a fan of, a hardworking, gritty little band of brothers type team.

going to be quite the ride these next two months, not for the feint of heart...

Posted by Section 303 at 9:53 AM

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